How to watch tutorial Videos
First of all go to video or tutorial that you need. Press Play button. As videos or tutorial starts go to "Toggle Full Screen Mode" showed at the right bottom corner of the video player window. This will take to the full screen video mode to understand the tutorial more clearly and visually.
Important Points Before Start - Tutorial Video
Important Points Before Start - Text
Before learning to uploading the site contents a person must be familiar:

  1. Basic to intermediate know how of "HTML" (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) and "CSS" (Content Style Sheets).
  2. Please please don't mind site designer and developer can not teach and learn "HTML" and "CSS".
  3. It is not included in the duties of a Vendor to teach or learn the programing languages and Codes.
  4. Vendor (Designer and Developer) just tell the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) of the site, including the uploading the new contents and editing of old conents of site.

CMS (Conent Management System) Management:
Few most important things regarding a CMS (Conent Management System):

  1. Lay man can only upload and edit the already presented content in a site with a basic knowledge of "HTML" & "CSS".
  2. To make the changes in the structure and design of system (CMS) or site, it is necessary to perform the task from a professional person who has the knowlege of specific CMS.
  3. For a permanent and ever running of CMS like Joomla , Wordpress and Magento,, there should be a Technical person, to handle the issues and matters those can be generted during the upgrading of CMS Version, Component of CMS, Plugins of CMS, Theme and Database.
  4. Update of Joomla Version (Needs a Technical Person-because after upgrading of version many things have and can change,, like programing codes, Style Sheets and database).
  5. Update of Modules and component (Depends of Subscription of component and module - Technical Person is necessary).

Most Important:

Migration of sites from one hosting to another etc after handing over the sites to the owner is not included in the duties of the developer or organization who has design, develope and deploy the sites, because the some of foolish and stupid persons think like this that every thing and for a whole life a person or the organization is responsible, so avoid these bull shits about developers.